Vojislav Pantić – Concert Review – Kulturni Krugovi Radio Beograd 2

Hashima live at Mikser Festival 2015:

Concert review (host Tamara Krstić):




Listen to the interview in Serbian:

Translated in English:


T.K: One part of a Mikser Festival this year was dedicated to Jazz music,

and that is the reason we talk with Voja Pantić, hello Voja.


V.P: Hello to you too Tamara.


T.K: What kind of jazz programme we listened on this year’s festival?

What groups were playing and how did it all sound?


V.P: There were 3 bands on a free venue of Mixer House club.

Firstly, we heared a group Hashima. A young band still without a recorded album,

but they already in my opinion seem to be the most promising act, modern Belgrade scene

has to offer.


Hashima is a band heading towards the new directions of a contemporary USA jazz music,

something promoted by Knitting Factory some years ago,

and today something like The Stone by John Zorn.


Music has a lot of an unusual harmonic structures, unusual musical devices,

with some origins in free jazz, some maybe in a contemporary classical music.

These very interesting harmonic developments have no origins in a typical jazz

concept, and you cannot hear typical swing or bop groove.


The group has a great potential with it’s music which will probably in the following time

(till they record an album) crystallize towards a more concrete direction,

because for now we cannot recognize the main music idea that will eventually

lead to a band’s music career.


Instruments are saxophone and guitar along with

drums and double-bass so you can say that the band sound is

dominated with the sounds of acoustic instruments.


We are now waiting to see what will next months bring in their music.