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The New York City Jazz Record – December 2014:

“Hashima, an unusual confluence of classicism, Balkan folk forms, avant garde racket and lyricsm.”

– Thomas Conrad

JazzTimes, All About Jazz, Stereophile


JazzMusicArchives.com – Jazz Online Forum

“One of the biggest discoveries of last years. Balkan jazz has their heroes from now.”

– The Haywain album review


“Masters of the eerie and unsettling”

– Mary James

London Jazz Promoter



                Hashima is a Belgrade jazz quartet that combines various musical experiences into a new music defined by a well known jazz critic Thomas Conrad (USA) as “an unusual confluence of classicism, avantgarde racket, lyricism and Balkan folk forms”. Among musicians that inspire them, they prefer Wayne Shorter, John Zorn, Igor Stravinsky, improv, post-rock and folklore. Their poetics draws on European arthouse film and literature, which are subliminally intertwined with the core of their original music giving it a programmatic character. The themes of Igor Miskovic’s compositions mainly consist of musical motives that are fully developed through arrangements and free improvisations, without restraining from noise or subtle lyrical miniatures. Four different instruments and sensibilities convene in form, stripped from traditional stylistic features, its content inspired by the distant abandoned island in Japan – Hashima.


Tenor Saxophone: Srđan Mijalković
Semi-Acoustic Guitar: Igor Mišković
Drums: Aleksandar Hristić
Double Bass: Vanja Todorović

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